• 5 November 2023

Hustle Finesse 1: Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Blogging and SEO

Hustle Finesse 1: Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Blogging and SEO

Hustle Finesse 1: Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Blogging and SEO

Hustle Finesse 1: Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Blogging and SEO 1024 517 Flow & Finance
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Welcome back to the Hustle Finesse Series, where we dive headfirst into the bustling world of online hustles! Today’s episode is a thrilling ride through the realm of affiliate marketing, a digital frontier where savvy marketers turn clicks into cash.

I’ve embarked on a quest to uncover the truth behind amazon affiliate marketing by blogging and SEO, and guess what? It’s not just smoke and mirrors – it actually works!

The Journey Begins: Amazon Affiliate Marketing

In this installment of the Hustle Finesse Series, I’ve rolled up my sleeves and jumped into the trenches of amazon affiliate marketing. It’s a world where your earnings are a direct result of your creativity, strategy, and, yes, a bit of finesse. I’m here to share my firsthand experience, complete with the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens.

The Proof Is in the Pudding With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing 1

I’ll be sharing a screenshot of the commissions I’ve made so far. Now, hold your horses – we’re not talking about buying a yacht and sailing into the sunset just yet. But the numbers don’t lie, and they’re showing promise. For the effort put in and the enjoyment derived, the return is more than just monetary – it’s a validation of passion and perseverance.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2

So, here are the numbers in my Amazon Associates Central dashboard and as you can see, i can’t buy a yacht with this just yet but my conversion rate is 8.85% and that is a great percentage for a conversion of any kind, in any industry. This shows promise of something that actually works now and can work even better with more fine-tuning.

Here are some more screen shots showing some more details on number of items shipped, revenue and commission income:

Amazon Affiliate Marketing 3

And another one, showing that most of these commissions are coming from textual content

Amazon Affiliate Marketing 4

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Affiliate Marketing With Amazon Associates Central: How to do it

So, how did I do it?

It’s a blend of art and science, really. I’ve harnessed the power of AI to scout for links to Amazon (< Here is an affiliate link by the way, you know what to do with that 🙂 ) affiliate products. Here’s the kicker: it’s not always a walk in the park. The AI, like a trusty sidekick (shout out to ChatGPT and JotPro!), provides product suggestions, but it’s up to me to dive into Amazon’s vast ocean to find the treasure – the exact product.

Once I’ve got my hands on the prize, I use Amazon’s SiteStripe to craft a custom link that’s ready for action. These aren’t just random items; they’re carefully selected to resonate with the blog post’s content, adding value to my readers’ experience.

Affiliate Marketing With Finesse

At the end of each blog post, I don’t just drop a list of links and call it a day.

No, I weave them into the narrative, ensuring they complement the story and provide genuine value. It’s about striking that delicate balance between informative content and subtle promotion.

The Takeaway for Aspiring Amazon Affiliates

Affiliate Marketing is not easy.

And Amazon Affiliate Marketing is really not easy. Amazon has this tough rule where if you don’t make a sale or commission in 90 days they deactivate your associates id and you basically have to start again, linking all your website’s product links to the new id you create. I’ve had to do this a few times, i think i’m on my 4th Amazon Associates Central account. So it definitely takes some perseverance to climb this initial mountain and build momentum, generate traffic to your links and get that first sale. But if i can do it you can too.

Here’s the deal..

If you’re looking to get into amazon affiliate marketing, my advice is to follow your passions. Choose niches that excite you, topics that you can talk about for hours, and products that you believe in. That’s the secret sauce to affiliate marketing that doesn’t feel like a hustle but more like a fun thing that you would do for free.. that eventually will pay.

The Hustle Finesse Series

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Stay tuned for the rest of this post, where I’ll break down the steps I took, the tools I used, and the lessons learned. If you’re ready to turn your blogging and SEO skills into a revenue stream, you’re in the right place.

So, buckle up, fellow hustlers, and let’s finesse our way through the world of affiliate marketing together. It’s a journey of discovery, learning, and, most importantly, fun. Let’s hustle with finesse and go get to it!

Inspired to start your own affiliate marketing journey? Here are some resources to kickstart your hustle:

  1. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: From Side Hustle to Financial Freedom in 10 Simple Steps
  2. The Affiliate Marketing Bible
  3. SEOFlow.app – The Complete SEO Toolbox
  4. Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising
  5. SEO Optimizer Tool by JotPro

For those looking to sharpen their SEO and marketing skills, check out Flow Systems and SEO Flow for top-notch tools and insights. And if you’re into AI and writing, JotPro is your go-to assistant.